Where are all the Guru’s

Where are all the Guru’s, top motivational speakers, healers, and transformational leaders? Where are the masters of meditation and mindfulness, self-guidance to spiritual awakening and know-it-alls regarding the laws of attraction and mind-stuff? What about those entrepreneurs, businessmen, and businesswomen selling master courses, pay-per-how to effectively scale your business, strategize and prioritize your time and perspective value as to reach and solidify ultimate return on self and or business model?  

Seems to me that they’d have to have seen this pandemic coming a mile away and as such, not only prepared for it but would be one of the first to offer knowledge, wisdom, and advice without charge throughout. Clearly the wealthy and most enlightened amongst these visionaries, prophets, sages and the like or claim thereof are willing to utilize a time such as now to show evidence within they’re experienced knowledge and advanced spiritual awareness to demonstrate unequivocally proof of boasted worth. I’m just saying, where is the passion in tough times as opposed to the fire amidst the sale? Maybe it’s just me or are they all about the business, waiting to methodically reemerge and sell you on your NEXT best self and inspiration; after the fact. And yes I get it, their only human as well but the least these self-help guru’s can do is show transparency as a their model of validity.

I’m not saying become judgmental or even point the finger, but rather be aware and acknowledge the actions, lifestyles and whereabouts of those who claim value in leadership over the perspective needs of others. With that said and in the absence of – now would be a great time to turn back and seek the originator. That is, the almighty God of our creation whose never left your side.

Think About It.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson


Lies upon lies and fears upon induced fears fuel the flames of the unaware until ash becomes one’s mindset. In this, if you allow the well to run dry, dust holds no resilience over the forced winds of deceit. 

No one is without a living well in which to drink. As such, if the devil offers you a glass of water, don’t drink; least you plan on staying. Know that prudence has risen to quench one’s thirst but first, you must guard your mind against the influences of the wicked; Don’t drink!

Want more clarification? Here are three points to ponder:

Fear-based tactics are the art of war in its incubation period.

When you find yourself choosing sides, you’ve unintentionally walked off the cliff of your salvation.

Due to attrition, one may think they have an informed opinion, but what is thought within the absence of mind?

Think About It.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson