Oh I apologize, you thought I was writing for you? No, most of today’s writing is more about personal gain/idolatry, opinionated misdirection and or the lust of entrepreneurship. I’m one of few writing diligently for our future generations, leaders and thought provokers. 

I in turn, would rather speak to you soul to soul as we live, share and breathe on a day to day basis. In this, to acknowledge our presence at this particular point in time, to commune mano e mano in consciousness, meditation and in prayer. 

As for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, they’re going to need us to unite and come together; today! Again, at this point in time, to specifically solidify a foundation of historical truth, facts and spiritual wellbeing.

Understand that new age thinking in all it’s cleverness and wickedly hidden ways are purposely constructed to undermine the Holy Bible, our constitutional rights and our cultural traditions. Soon information will be so thick with confusion,  factual manipulation and outright lies, that our future generations will become groomed as mindless slaves to a world of controlled data, thoughtless thoughts and religious restraint.

In this, our responsibility of today and purpose in life is not our own to glorify, but rather for the continuation of God’s will for mankind to flourish. Think about it, the shift has already begun.  

Reginald O’Neal Gibson