This is not who I am, nor how I look or feel for that matter. It’s just an image. An image captured to stimulate a momentary assumption, based off what the perceiver is willing to accept or deny. It’s just an image. Unlike the curated narratives of media conglomerates, I proclaim nor suggest nothing. I have no agendas, no prophetic analogies nor the zeal to influence anyone. It’s just a picture my wife took on the whelm of a moment, whilst I contemplated the complexities of vegan tacos. If I could derive anything of potential value as a takeaway, it would be the reminder that per the accumulation of one’s actions (not captions, words or intent), are the only true sources of one’s measurable means. Even then, to be brutally honest, you’ll never (truly) know what’s on a person’s mind; especially when tacos adds to the bane of societal complexities.

– Reginald

Challenge Accepted: Again, and Again . . .

I see temptation as a blessed opportunity to prove worth per the mercy bestowed upon my life. Yes, I’ve been told  countless times “we all fall short of the glory of God”but as for myself, my calling and spiritual embedment, short is not the measure of my faith, strength nor prayer life.  And as such, I remain bold, steadfast and diligent, as I walk through the valley; no excuses. -Reginald