Don’t Be That Person

Skip the water-cooler talk today and pack a snack for your break. Flex what really matters by voting today e.g., the ultimate power-lunch/break.

And please, by all means, don’t post, vent, social media stalk or update your content as an influencer, (don’t be that person), if you can’t find the time to vote – today! 

Trust, you’ll have more than enough time throughout the year to update, showcase and share things all about you but for today, let it be about us, please vote!



Are you willing to adapt or exemplify the patience required to empathetically listen, for the overall greater good and meaningfulness of communication? If not, you may be inadvertently drawn towards the distractions or possibly bias based influences of indoctrinated misunderstandings. As an example, what am trying to communicate in the above video? For instance, Is my hat, wall decor or book interests creating their own story, invoking a predisposed indoctrinated thought process causing you to be distracted? Think about it, the next time you’re involved in a conversation where views, experiences and or difficulties persists, try and look for the deeper meaning. Maybe, just maybe, with a little empathy and a willingness NOT to be distracted, clarity shall arise and bring forth the greatness of true understanding.

  • Reginald