See What You Want or See, What You Want.

See What You Want or See, What You Want.

Understand that seeing “what you want” is just a state of mind during a particular time or moment in your life.  

Within that time or more specifically, moment, upon which you are open to a particular want, desire, or lust, take a moment and breathe within clarity. Focus your perception, your heart, your mindset and try to visualize the grand scale of your legacy.  

This, if done to the best of your created potential, will not only be the pinnacle, and example of a life well-led but in addition, the solidification of a foundation also set for generations to come. Only, keep careful in mind. All that is desired may not equate upon your life’s work regarding balance. Meaning, what you hasten after may tip the scales rendering your life’s contribution unremarkable. Which in and of itself, is an abomination to your creation, because you are indeed remarkable and perceived wonderfully made.  

Know that dreams are often unrealized, open to distraction and to a greater extent unrealistic. Especially, if one’s overreach is not conducive of sacrifice, that is, for the betterment and leadership of others. Likewise, but even worse is a dream stimulated out of fear, gloat or insidious heterosuggetive manipulation by another. In this, if either are achieved, the farther of one’s true power, intent and purpose will be, leaving only the achievement and will of the manipulators.  

In this, you are not what you see nor are you complete, lest you find yourself in trickery of an unguarded mind, desperately trying to fill in that voided space of an unrealized purpose. Please, be cautious of what you allow in under the guise of need, and or what you’re influenced by, because if it isn’t truly for you, then most assuredly it’s for the notorious ideology of others.  

Upon your journey to clarification, remember to steady your gaze and settle your mind. Know that It’s imperative to acknowledge the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of others, but even more so, accept your responsibility. With this, seize the moment, take hold of your spiritual accountability, and choose. Either see what you want to see or go after in vigor, upon the direction righteously paved just for you, that is, if you truly want.