Think Again

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“Earthly wisdom is blissfully overrated and quite limited within the self-righteous achievements of mankind. Therefore, one must learn to intimately commune within the spirit of God and remain above the principalities of this world. In this, eternity will be the precedence, as opposed to the legacies of false doctrines left behind.” – R. Gibson

The Spinning Rock

Weak are the minds that see only self and like-minded others. And for what? To feel accepted? How long before we understand, like-minded or not, same shade or the opposite, where all on this spinning rock together, destined to rotate no longer as its blackened blood is siphoned from its core. Auto-suggestively, we pretend to want heaven on earth, but we treat earth and its inhabitants like hell. Discoveries are for profit and ideas cost far more. Persuasion dissimulates We the People, as intuition is simultaneously voted into subservience. We have failed not only because of self-idolization but the suckling of sweet-like nectar dripping from the charismatic tongue of evil. This love affair with influence will soon come to a creeping halt, as this rock will spin no longer. It is then, upon the earth standing still, when the elite’s cramp and gnash together between the trenches of fire and ice, succumbing to the hell they have created, as opposed to the lie they have propagated. It is then when the blind vertigo of idolatry will be freed.  

R. Gibson