We Are!

I’m not. You’re not, but together, we are

Unmeasurable • Unstoppable • Accountable • Incredible 

Balanced • Amazing • Example • Needed

Strong • United • Better • Love

• One.

So, what’s the hold up? Let’s do this!

Hold Up

Right now, at this very moment, someone is procrastinating on financially blessing you physically, and mentally! That which is needed in hand, shall come to pass. That burden of debt/stress, will be supernaturally lifted —without any trickery or shifting of making ends meet. But here’s the interesting thing, these blessings are moving exactly at the same rate of speed as you are. With regards to you holding back forgiveness, to someone (even yourself) who needs it to heal, learn from, and one day share alike. Coincidence, or denial? Either way, don’t blame God according to the appearance of an unanswered prayer life. He’s given you the power of discernment. So, whether coincidence or not, the question remains, what’s the (real) hold up?🧐

The Rule of Ratio

“Stop raising your children to believe they can grow up and become superstar athletes — when others of less intelligence, are positioning, volunteering, and grooming themselves for positions of power. In this, running courts with judges, as opposed to courts, fields or rings with referees. Yes, some athletes can make millions, while team owners make billions. And for what? So influenced lawmakers can change a rule, make a law, or corrupt a democracy? Best change the ratio, before the rules are changed or challenged again.”

Think About it.


Blind Will

“Humans are the only species on this planet, who knows not who they are. Not because of ignorance but rather they’re willingness to follow the vices of man. This, as opposed to their God given purposes.” 

Reginald O’Neal Gibson