The Soil Upon Which I Stand

Our history isn’t perfect, nor complete in its entirety, but there’s more than enough factual based evidence, per the experience of mankind’s failures, and successes, to make informed, influenced filled debates, and re/discoveries for the betterment of mankind. Only issue is, are we utilizing the greatness of past, paired with the examples of the present, to teach, facilitate, and influence the zeitgeist of today’s “accepted norms” of embedded differences – which in turn, manifests into a bias that exacerbates mankind’s deepest fears? This is why I choose peace to bare,  implement, and diligently lead by. I choose to lay down my fears upon the soil which accepted our ancestors blood – in absolute faith, that the prudence of the philosophical mind, in “biblical understanding” and in action; shall prevail. As such, I’d die a life of fulfilled purpose.  

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson