From Which It Comes

In my words:  

“Why are you throwing stones, when the land upon which you stand is foreign? Have you not your own/learned understandings to lean upon? Or have you’ve given sole ownership to that which incites your insecurities?”  

In my grandfather’s words:  

“Boy! Have you lost your #@&#!!! mind!?”  

Bottom line, I miss my grandfather — he had a way with words that was unequivocal.  

Please know, we have an innate responsibility to know, learn, and grow from which we’ve come. And by all means, when knowledge is shared, we must allow the reverence of God, its wisdom, and its word to prove evident upon our spiritual maturity. 

As such, knowing that one day our expressions, love language, and calling upon the message given (in time/maturity), shall be heard. And not for entrepreneurial, idealistic, or persuasive measures, but for the reciprocity, and reverence of the living word of God.  

With that said, if you ever find yourself judging others, ask yourself this question prior to speaking with/about them, “are the words you speak meant to cast stones? Or is there a better way to teach, interact, or lead by example?”  

So, before you claim scripture, wisdom, and or the anointing to prophesied, please examine your thoughts, understandings, and intentions, because they too have an underlined effect on the delivery of the message being shared. Least you’d be like my grandfather, making a snappy point — but ultimately falling back into the rubble from which it came

Think About It.  

Reginald O’Neal Gibson