Mirror Mirror on the Wall . . .

I spoke to an old acquaintance earlier this morning, who had the audacity to greet me by saying “man, I’m just waiting for you to fail miserably, just so I can rub it in your obnoxious, holier- than-thou, pretentious smirk of a face.”

So, me being me, I answered back aloud “not everyone fails at or on the same level. Some fail, chose to learn from it and continue moving forward – regardless of others input! And besides, didn’t I rebuke you just yesterday? No reply.

Point is, never think the enemy from within controls your destiny.

Never forget, that image in the mirror often masks the persistence of a daily fear, whispering ever-so gently between your ears. And as such, you aloud should let your spiritual prayer life, eminent through spoken words of faith, confidence, and worthiness, not only for yourself but for others as well!

Why? Because “the superficial, pales in comparison to that supernatural – which God has bestowed upon your life.”

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson