From Which It Comes

In my words:  

“Why are you throwing stones, when the land upon which you stand is foreign? Have you not your own/learned understandings to lean upon? Or have you’ve given sole ownership to that which incites your insecurities?”  

In my grandfather’s words:  

“Boy! Have you lost your #@&#!!! mind!?”  

Bottom line, I miss my grandfather — he had a way with words that was unequivocal.  

Please know, we have an innate responsibility to know, learn, and grow from which we’ve come. And by all means, when knowledge is shared, we must allow the reverence of God, its wisdom, and its word to prove evident upon our spiritual maturity. 

As such, knowing that one day our expressions, love language, and calling upon the message given (in time/maturity), shall be heard. And not for entrepreneurial, idealistic, or persuasive measures, but for the reciprocity, and reverence of the living word of God.  

With that said, if you ever find yourself judging others, ask yourself this question prior to speaking with/about them, “are the words you speak meant to cast stones? Or is there a better way to teach, interact, or lead by example?”  

So, before you claim scripture, wisdom, and or the anointing to prophesied, please examine your thoughts, understandings, and intentions, because they too have an underlined effect on the delivery of the message being shared. Least you’d be like my grandfather, making a snappy point — but ultimately falling back into the rubble from which it came

Think About It.  

Reginald O’Neal Gibson 

De-Find Thyself

This is not my world. 

This is not my house. 

This is not my car. 

This is not my job. 

This is not my phone. 

This is not my computer. 

This is not my education. 

This is not my money.  

This is not my bank. 

This is not my credit. 

This is not my medicine. 

This is not my riches. 

This is not my worry. 

For these are merely suggestions, used in the temporary — by a system created to control the ONLY thing I do have! Which is, my God given PURPOSE! 

Let “no other” measure, classification, nor identification, define your creation.  

Don’t just “Think About It” — be about it!

Reginald O’Neal Gibson 

Who Amongst You

“There is no failure where there is breath; only will. Therefore, there is no failure amongst the living; only judgement.”

– Reginald

Attention, Listen up!

I’m praying for your finances, your friends, your family, and your future, because sometimes it’s YOU, that’s screwing things up! 

I’m serious, take some spiritual responsibility!

People pointing fingers to the “far-left” or to the “far-right,” in hopes of feeling/being a part of “some-thing” thought bigger than themselves. When in fact/hope, they should be focused on what’s in between the left and the right, better known as the center of self. As such, lost vicariously sharing other people’s posts, agendas, and or reflective insecurities!

Why? Because they “know not who they are,”per the boasts and distractions of others – who in turn, don’t know, have a clue or even care if they exist!

And to make matters worse, you publicly pray to God, all the while listening, believing, and trusting “hook line and sinker” to the sensationalistic, well funded, media-influenced, pointing fingers of hatred, towards others ideologists! This, as opposed to welcoming God’s answer/s, directions, and or blessings! Point is, you can’t have it Botha ways. Either you trust in God and allow his answers, or you keep falling for the rhetoric that incites your insecurities.

Hey, listen up. God answers prayers “particularly” for three reasons. (not an exhausted list)

1.) To reward your faith, reverence, and trust in him/his mysterious ways.

2.) To remind you that his word, promise, and power is real, unquestionable, and forevermore.

3.) To continue your reflective purpose of glorifying God’s will, favor, and mercy over “all” made in his image. 

*(Including those you’ve been told, or influenced to believe are your enemies -because they pray too, and sometimes much harder)!

So starting today, until you start working on you, I’ll focus my prayers of healing, and God’s favor, over your “finances, friends, family, and future.” Think about this, would you turn an empty glass over, and start pouring water on the bottom of the glass? No, that’s insane! 

And as such, I’m not wasting anymore prayers, on anyone not willing to listen, trust or be influenced by the peace, love and mercy of God’s word, answers or blessings.

P.S. In case you didn’t know, This is your subconscious speaking! You’d know that if you’d rest a bit more, and stop listening to all that external rhetoric.😉

Think About it.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson

The Keep Up

Peace be Still😉

It’s amazing how people conjure up excuses to justify their dumbfounded reasonings – regarding your finances, blessings, and or lifestyle? Then, turn with audacity to huddle up with likeminded others, all in  hopes of making you feel unworthy, inadequate or defeated!

Please, keep doing you! Keep learning and developing you! And above all, keep smiling at those trying to keep you down, even while praying for them! Why? Because one day, they’ll most assuredly seek the very leadership skills you’ve developed, while being patient with them and theirs, that is, if they’ve  kept up.

R. Gibson

Mirror Mirror on the Wall . . .

I spoke to an old acquaintance earlier this morning, who had the audacity to greet me by saying “man, I’m just waiting for you to fail miserably, just so I can rub it in your obnoxious, holier- than-thou, pretentious smirk of a face.”

So, me being me, I answered back aloud “not everyone fails at or on the same level. Some fail, chose to learn from it and continue moving forward – regardless of others input! And besides, didn’t I rebuke you just yesterday? No reply.

Point is, never think the enemy from within controls your destiny.

Never forget, that image in the mirror often masks the persistence of a daily fear, whispering ever-so gently between your ears. And as such, you aloud should let your spiritual prayer life, eminent through spoken words of faith, confidence, and worthiness, not only for yourself but for others as well!

Why? Because “the superficial, pales in comparison to that supernatural – which God has bestowed upon your life.”

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson