Only the dead prepares for a war that’s already been won. 

Dead in mind, spirit, and faith,  

-dead to this world, desolate in disgrace. 

They’ve laid waste to future, yet speaks upon yours,  

-be careful your walk, their seeds blisters of thorns. 

I watch as they scurry, incite, and provoke,  

-the game is rigged, next move, next hoax! 

Tactical in mindset, yet broken in temple,  

-tactless of life, mind set less than simple. 

Pray-prayers pray, for they prey on your dreams, 

 -implode from within, their prayer-practice deems. 

Blind eyes, deaf ears, befuddled in fate,  

beware of their walk, for their walk is of hate. 

Catch up, slow down, hurry up, I behoove,  

they’ve laid waste to their minds yet walks amongst you. 

Think About it. 

Reginald O’Neal Gibson 



Debt is a construct by way of learned behavior and acceptance, both mentally, and socially. Thereby, manifesting into one’s reality. Encompass not a poor mentality, nor the implementation of the social burden mindset, e.g. slave industry, but rather rediscover your created purposes in life. As such, upon the journey of becoming free from whatever ails you, avoid the abysmal trap of spiritual bankruptcy. This is the mindset of abundance, faith, and freedom. 

Think About it.  

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson