Per the defining attributes, and steadfast tolerance of my life. Through the trials and tribulations, successes and failures, I proclaim to be a prudent man. Wise by way of experiences gained along the path of righteousness. What does this mean? It stands to reason, that I know nothing truly; about you, and your trials. That is, other than the perceived, reflective reasonings constructed throughout my own thought processes, which is by safe regard mostly bias, I honestly don’t know you.

Does this mean I am an authoritative figure over you, your experiences or knowledge gained? What of your opinions, perceptions and ideologies? Am I to assume I know you so well, that I can claim to be a confident, trusted source of information, and or leader by way of example? No, because we are all different in ways of will, spirit, and actions taken. In this, we share a different view of reality per the experiences of our lives. As such, I can’t judge you because I really don’t know you.

With this said, know that although “we are as one,” we progress through life on many different levels. The levels of our accomplishments, and struggles helps define our innermost ways of actions. So, it goes to say that where you are in life right now, is only a temporary reflection of possible outcomes you can either maintain, flourish or deviate from. You by way of thought process, faith, physical accountability, and actions taken can develop and manifests your hearts’ greatest desires. Even more so, live in the purpose of your blessed creation.  

Bottom line, do I know you? No. 

Do I love you, Yes! 

Now the question is, how can a person love without knowing? Maybe a better question would be, how can a person know without loving? 

The answer is, to love someone or something doesn’t require that you “know” them. It only requires that you have a loving heart that’s faithful enough, and strong enough to see past their reflective moments in time.  

With this, one can solidify a foundation of love worth manifesting, cultivating, and harvesting upon the journey of life. This is the mindset of leadership! This is the mindset of valor, and, most of all, this is the mindset of a prudent heart who’s willing to admit he/she knows nothing at all, but the love of God embedded within their spirit. 

It is said that knowledge is power, is it? Think about it, by now this world with all the benefits of history written, shared knowledge, financial means paid for within the hierarchy of our educational system. One would be inclined to think wisdom, above all would rule the land of today, but it appears not. Again, this is just a moment in time reflective of our choices, voices and actions taken or not.   

Here’s what I believe. Knowledge is indeed powerful, so powerful that it once was forbidden to eat of its fruit, but that’s another story. 

Just know that if a heart is filled with love, a course correction so-to-speak can come to pass as a vibrant light within the darkness. Without love, knowledge would be tainted with corruption, a fallacy positioned behind status and paper, manipulated by the ill will of ignorance which by definition reflects the lack of knowledge thereof. 

We as the descendants of our ancestors need to be reminded to love, and embrace “as one” without the misinformation of judgement, bias disregard and hatred. Know that as a child we didn’t think to hate, we were taught hate. And although it’s in the Bible, we weren’t “taught” to love thy neighbors, we were shown not to trust our neighbors. Think about it and be completely honest, do you trust your neighbor or at any given moment in time, are you prepared to make a statement on the six o’clock news resembling the likes of “we’ve lived across the street from him for years, and we’re not that type of neighborhood!” 

Please understand, what you or I think we know, isn’t enough within our timeline of worldly misinformation but, if we can somehow induce what has already been embedded as love, by the creator that is love, we not only have a chance of knowing, but being a part of something of true power and everlasting value. 

If I know anything, I know that “I know nothing” at all, (within this timeframe) and as such, wisdom is only the beginning but then again . . . what do I know. 

Think About it. 

Reginald O’Neal Gibson