I’m currently focused on prayer, meditation and spiritual warfare for the continuation of our blessed will to come to pass. What I have to say regarding the current/created ignorance, which has gripped our nation will only be expressed fully, in my prayers. In other words, I will not concede, pacify or sugarcoat our blinded circumstances. Although the war has been won, the BATTLE for encompassing “just a slight bit” of heaven on earth is now under siege. Just know, remember and never forget the devil, on any level is and will always be a liar who’s only purpose is to steal, kill, destroy and manipulate the truth, as with our love and our created purposes in life. Please, do not be tricked into blame, hate or fear of your neighbor. Let not the unknown pull the embedment of peril placed in your thoughts. My concern, faith and heart-field are with you. Peace be still within the fallacy of dominion upon the earth.  

Think About it.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson