This $h*#! is 🍌 BANANAS

Knock-knock . . .

Who’s there?  


Supply who?

I’ll be back.

Knock-knock . . .

Who’s there?


Demand who?

Umm . . . hold up, I’ll be right back!


Who’s there?


Well come on in, it’s open!

And that’s how simplistic it is to corrupt one’s judgement, perspective and or mental state. That is, by the relentless bombardment of deceit, embedded worry and fear-based tactics. As such, most houses without fail – will fall within the first few knocks of manifested insecurities. Whatever happened to “not by the hair of my Chinny-chin-chin?!” Have we forgotten the foundation upon which our ancestors stood, or has our foundation weakened by the erosion of our (seemingly) biased disregard for others, cultural prejudices and learned hate. Listen, It’s not too late. We can rebuild but first, at all cost we must ignore the systematic assaults knocking at our door.  

And before I forget, Orange you glad I didn’t say let’s “make America great again!” 

– End joke, or is it?

Think About It.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson