Every now and then people ask me “Reginald, why so serious?”

Well, here’s a glimpse.

Last night I walked upon the brilliance of clouds eternal and I found myself past the glorious gates of heaven. Gone was the pain, burdens, worries, and fears as they drifted farther and farther away from my soul. As far as the eye could see was perfection, my goodness such an amazing, powerful place. Home for eternity shouts my heart with praise and reverence for our God almighty!

Then Christ appeared! I fall upon weaken knees and cry aloud grasping at his garment, thank you Jesus! Thank you Lord! Oh how I’ve longed for this day, yes to my savior, thank you Jesus! Then Christ kneels and lifts me up, his touch was like nothing before, then he looks deeply into my eyes, starts to weep and whispers into my ear “our father who’s art in heaven says “within the blink of an eye, I’ll come again soon enough,” then he turns and walks away taking the clouds with him. Swiftly descending and flailing out of control I scream no lord don’t leave me, I’ve accomplished a great many deeds, tasks and accomplishments, I’ve reached over a million followers! Christ then answers with a smile, “for their sake I hope not, that was MY calling.” And that’s when I wake up!  

The moral is let not great deeds or accolades fool you into thinking your good enough! No one will ever have more followers than Christ, as such, heaven isn’t impressed by the social standards of man’s pride but by the repentance of one’s sins. 

Almost every night I have vivid dreams of biblical proportions, powerful visions and immense words of wisdom pressed and anointed upon my heart. This is why I’m diligent. This is why I’m driven and in this, is why my life’s work is so serious.

My question to you is . . .

Are you living your dreams?

What is your product?

What are you selling? 

Whether you’re a leader, a follower on the way to greatness or someone looking to free the worthiness already embedded within your spirit, know that if your leadership, product or purpose doesn’t align with God’s anointing over your life, the only book that truly matters, would be void of your name written within its pages. 

Yes, most of us want to have a little heaven on earth but remember, our time is limited, and heaven already has a prepared place for our eternity. So now, it’s a pretty good time to find worthy, become that leader by righteous example and yes, be a little more serious about your plan, your place and your overall purpose in life.

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson