Why are we so emotionally affected by other people’s opinions, sensationalism and worldly norms? Simply put, mind conditioning. For instance, we’re told what to buy, what to invest in, what to eat, how to look, what’s new and trending, what success is or isn’t, what’s important and of course whose important!

With times changing swiftly, we often get confused as to who we are, why we are, and our overall purpose in life. Mind blowing to say the least! Only here’s the issue, the results are of confusion, discord and comparison. Which ultimately leads to personal indifference, thus suitable ground for mental conditioning! When a person reaches the point where they’re mentally exhausted, hidden in fear and or judgement, that they coward behind a mask of denial, they’ve unknowingly submitted themselves to mind conditioning.

In this, the fall back results in the relying on a others to lift them up, hence “others opinions, sensationalisms or worldly norms.” Only issue is, people are hurting! You’ve been hurt, I’ve been hurt, they’ve been hurt, but often we don’t speak of it accordingly. We simply ignore from within as we were taught and think ourselves it’ll just fade away. Moreover, relying solely on surface level imaging, why? Mind conditioning. People fear what they can’t see but often bury unresolved issues so deep, it haunts them to seemingly no end. This is why it’s said “our greatest enemies are – ourselves” but that’s a lie, you are not the enemy. Our greatest enemy is the wickedness of a sinful nature, nourished under the guise of worldly norms and manipulation , but it doesn’t end there for we have repentance!

At any given moment in our lives we can at our weakest hour, resist the temptation, the conditioning and yes; the fear. The devil is in the details of our minds, the details of hidden guilt, worry and hate, but before any of this was applied as worldly conditioning, we were created in God’s image, favor and mercy. You are not lost in mind, body or spirit!

So let not the conditioning of your mind be the resting place for others “opinions, sensationalism or worldly norms.” Remember who’s image you were created in! Remember that life was spoken into you! And trust, before any forms of darkness or conditionings were ever burdened upon your mind, eternal words were spoken. As such, and never to be forgotten, for deep within the creation of our spirit, God whispered; “stay – with – me.”

Reginald O’neal Gibson