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Balancing “ACT” indeed. Life should not be a staged play for the abused or the pacification of others. Don’t allow the dangling of a “golden carrot” to mislead or corrupt your destined path. In this, the blind would be a reflection of a failed society, not living up to their blessed potential. True balance is within IQ+EQ+SQ which results in the sum total of one’s 3Q. Innergize your life Mind. Body & Spirit! 

Golden carrot? Can you remember the picture of the farmer dangling a carrot in front of the horse to pull the wagon? The horse works seemingly all day chasing the reward of the carrot, only to be controlled by another’s personal gain or intent. Question, are you following your dreams or someone else’s carrot? Are you following money, power and respect but deviating from your path of true life fulfillment? Balance your mind and you’ll find that your greatness is worth more than all the gold in the land. INNERGIZE!

Reginald Gibson