To Whom This May Concern

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(Responding to a thought leader on social media, I was asked “how can we master mind over matter?” This was my response).

To master “mind over matter” we must first define or try to clarify the differences between people’s ideas, understandings and knowledge of the terminology (matter & mind). To clarify “people’s anything,” is to first accept the limitations of others thought processes, socioeconomic upbringings and cultural/environmental influences. 

That said, we cannot fully speak on another’s understanding. What we CAN do, is deduce how we (individually) on a personal/spiritual level, relate to the awareness and teachings of universal laws. In this relies the first step to mastering “mind over matter.” Consider the terminology first:

Matter: Regarding what we acknowledge as particles, combined elements and physical substances that takes up mass or space within this reality.

Mind: A fragment of consciousness which holds an eternal power that transcends “all” physical substances i.e. matter.

For instance, your temple/body is presently in the form of a solid matter. It has weight, it takes up a certain amount of space and is the sum total of atoms, chemicals and biological elements that’s conducive to the sustainability of life. 

Although the body exists of solid mass and mass defines as “matter,” human beings possess the ability to communicate or transcend out of its mass by way of speech, vibration, thought process, belief, emotion and faith.

The other terminology differs as such, “Matter” is used as a factual statement or circumstance, often as conclusion within interpersonal communication, i.e. “as a matter of fact, in my opinion politics is a distraction.”

Getting back to the body, the body has limitations but the clarified mind is free! If one could tap into the power of the mind, they’d possess the ability to master “mind over (all) matter” but this is not the way of the world. Most people spend the best of their lives trying to master others, trying to master money and ultimately trying to master life itself. 

This attempt or understanding of mastery is rhetorical and frivolous at best. Life was not created for the idealization of man to master but rather live and flourish within the environment given. This is why the eagle captures the snake. 

The eagle has no limitations of mind within its environment, clarity or purpose. Hence, the eagle by way of embedded instincts, has mastered “mind over matter”.

(Here’s what I didn’t say)

Obviously, we as human beings are embedded with intuition, spiritual gifts, wisdom, great purpose and much more but we (most) do not follow the course or purpose of our creation. Unlike the tree, the insect or animal (yes, they all have consciousness), humans are the only species on this planet to be led or choose to leave their God given purpose or path in search of idealistic wonders, desires and or riches. In this, one cannot master mind over matter nor environment or even self, being one has opted out of his/her created purpose. Can a fish master the land? Can a bird master the ocean? No, and I’m sure they don’t care to being the environment is not conducive to either’s created purposes. And here’s the thing, man has dominion over the animals within the land and sea, but fails terribly when it comes to the mastery of self. In conclusion, let’s ponder for a moment, why even ask the question “can we master mind over matter,” because if we could, we’d probably corrupt, destroy or monetize it as with all other attempts to control God’s natural resources. Think about it.🤔

-Reginald O’Neal Gibson