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You have 24 hours to call and share a heartfelt conversation with each and everyone of your social media contacts/friends (separately)! Don’t leave a message, utilize interpersonal communication!

1.) Start with family members
2.) Friends
3.) Neighbors
4.) Coworkers
5.) Members of groups, church’s or the like.
6.) Those you’ve accepted from other countries.
7.) Lastly, the accepted requests just because they friended you or you friended them for shear numbers sake (i.e. “like for like! Help me reach 1000’s subscribers, followers or friends!)” GO!

Reality check🧐

Is it really about connecting with long lost friends, acquaintances/family or did the freedom of one’s social interest manifest into something more speculative? And try not to justify if you’re activity on social media comes with strings attached.

My 6 of 7 rule of thumb for the social psychological construct of media manipulation.

1.) I’m not paying for ads controlled by a so called algorithm, in which to continuously bombard my “friends” or family with marketing products, i.e. “for $31.00 you can reach up to 2,000 ppl. with this paid ad!” or “for $29.00 you can get a guaranteed 1,000 followers!
2.) I DO NOT accept friend requests for status, ideological or ego sake! Again, “I’m not looking for followers” to fund my ambitions. My purpose is not to entertain, distract or take from people. Thus, social media is not my spiritual, mental or moral support center (no entourage or cheerleaders needed).  
3.) I will never share my most intimate of goals, life choices, prayers or breakthrough ideas on any social media platform; period!
4.) I’ll only share what God puts on my heart to inspire, intrigue or motivate others looking for humbled truth or unbiased encouragement.
5.) My opinions are mine alone in which to develop, share with thought leaders, strategize, meditate, pray over and align properly within spiritual/biblical wisdom. This as opposed to subjecting myself to the heterosuggestive onslaught of controlled debates, persuasions and media manipulation.
6.) I will not judge, use sarcasm, ridicule or openly challenge a person, group or page for their personal or factual perspectives regarding rhetorical matters of worldly propaganda.

7.) 😆

So have you made any calls yet? Or did the autosuggestive barrier of personal opinion, rear its head to prevent a wake up call, revealing the REAL challenge!

*Here’s the thing, social media isn’t just about you, one’s celebrity status or kind heartfelt intentions of connectivity. It’s more about the manipulative focus of mass data retrieval for marketers and all hidden under the guise of 3rd party interests. Yes! It’s the world we live in but my goodness, are we that blind not to see that it’s our children that will suffer the most from this generations need to be seen, accepted or ego-massaged? Point is, our prayers are for God. Our hearts is for our families and those of need. And lastly, you have their number right? If they’re really friends; give them a call!