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Innergize will offer pop-up youth programs that teach hands on life-skill trainings for young adults. Some of the lessons will include how to properly change a flat tire and why it’s important to have AAA or another yearly roadside assistance program.

How about simple maintenance tasks and checks regarding *heating and air conditioning? This could allow you or a family member to save hundreds of dollars yearly!

* A certified instructor will be on hand for all projects.

-Skill trainings on landscaping, environmental cleanup and grass mowing

-How to properly fix a clogged sink, replace a toilet or use an auger i.e. light plumbing

-Changing out a universal oven range igniter/hot surface ignitor for a furnace

-Even safety tips on hiking, camping and fishing!

Yes! Innergize is more than just fun fitness and healthy cooking demonstrations. It’s a movement within the mind, body and spirit of the community to reach out and teach self-confidence while helping others locally!

For a limited time, Innergize will be taking applications from community members in need of assistance with general maintenance tasks and are interested in partering with our summer Life-Skills Training program.

Do you know someone in need of a task that possibly fits our Life-Skills Training? Email us at Innergize to see if we can schedule a spot for future programs.

Participating youth (13-18yrs.) Parental consent and waiver required. Transportation is not provided. Contact numbers are necessary to participate.

* 1.5 Hr class
* Prices vary per project $15- $25
* Class maximum 15 ppl.
* Discounted price for children 8-12 yrs.
* Snacks/beverages provided by Innergize.
* Locations, times and dates will be posted
* Parents welcome to stay (as encouragers!)

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Contact us for more information. Classes will fill up fast!