aerial photography of city and seashore

The moment when you truly become aware of the things you can not change . . . stop.

Remember when you met the love of your life? Remember when you proved that one doubter wrong, along with the other nay-sayers, false friends and not to forget that one person; who doesn’t even know your name?

What was the funniest movie you watched  when you were a teenager? Can you remember the best thanksgiving meal you shared with your family? Can you remember the taste of grandmas buttermilk-drop biscuits, with that homemade sweet strawberry jam?

I can vividly remember, how beautiful the night sky was when I first snuck into the drive-in theater with my best friend. We climbed midway up the back of the movie screen, then sat and stared at the shimmering stars for hours. I’ll never forget how the coolness of the crisp air made me feel free, loved and unstoppable. And oh those fluffy low flying clouds, how they shared a beautiful soft lavender glow; reflective of the city lights in the distance.

When I was nine years old, I saw two insects that looked like a line of bright green peas walking side by side. They both had long tentacles and large dark eyes which followed me as I stared at them in complete awe.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone knew how kind, cleverly-smart and beautiful you truly are?

Lastly, upon this reflection, did I help momentarily take your mind OFF the things you can not change in this world. That is by accessing the blessed memories already stored within your heart? Remember, the stressors, opinions and issues that plague our minds, news feeds and conversations, can be stopped instantaneously; all by the simple act of changing our thought process. So, the issue isn’t the things we can not change, but rather the images, memories and connections we create along the changes of our lives.

Perceive you later; God bless.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson