Why_ (1)

We all have purpose, we all have that something deep within the best expression of ourselves. Only we must identify with this “Something” and bring it to fruition. This feeling, this deeply embedded emotion, is your creative resource in which you have the blessed favor of God; if you just believe. The only thing that can stand in the way of this awesome power known as belief or faith, is your reason. Your reasoning or understanding of who you think you are and the purpose of your life. If there is no clarity of reason, there is no peace of mind. In this, life would be a struggle, life would appear to have no tangible meaning for your existence but I beg of you, accept that you are of great purpose! You have that “Something” special in your heart, mind, body and soul. What is this “Something?” It is your WHY, your driven spirit of survival and progression. Your embedded purpose to do what God has called you to do, to become and lead by representation, but only you can find what has be given. Look deep within yourself and identify with this power. Trust, believe and have absolute faith in your creation, your reason and ultimately your purpose. I humbly ask of you, spend some time in prayer, soul search within the meditation of your heart and find that something special. Again, Identify what has been given unto you, with this said; go forth and find your WHY.   – Reginald O’Neal Gibson