Let’s be honest, by now we’ve got a pretty good idea on the present, regarding days, appointments and everyday routines. We know that if it’s Sunday, Monday will soon without fail follow. If it’s December, January is just right around the corner. If today you’re in a heightened state of awareness, it’s well understood that one day you’ll have a mentally not so focused off day; such is life.

With this said, going into this new year, please remember to stay prayed up and confident in every facet regarding your connections with others. Do your best to make sure these interactions are meaningful, worthwhile and truly heartfelt. Enjoy conversations over lunch or dinner with friends and family, share stories and experiences. Exercise without concerns or stress, do this in a carefree manner. Whatever capabilities you have, remember to save a little of your capability for others in need.

Physically prepare yourself everyday to prove futuristically, the doctor’s negative prognosis wrong. If you can’t afford something at this specific moment in time (i.e. material lusts), wait until you have the overflowing means to do so. Maybe by this time you’ll realize, you really didn’t need the item of interest in the first place. Now take that overflow, save half and with the other half surprise someone and be a blessing with it! Lastly, love and become even more affectionate to someone deserving of your commitment starting today! Just pour on the love, forgiveness and kindness, especially for those who requires it the most.

Relax and be faithful of the good seeds sown, this will benefit you on those seemingly long days when life appears to catch you off guard. So the question remains, why get caught off guard? Here’s the answer, “don’t even stress it, just keep showering people with love, respect and affection without fail, whether you believe they’re deserving or not.” In this everyday practice, it will soon become a paradigm shift in your life. Within this shift, you’ll never have to ponder the posed question or those long dreaded days of doubt again. Extend your heart, humbly sow a physical, financial or spiritual seed upon those closest and one day you’ll reap a bountiful harvest by way of God’s delight. Upon this, keep it going!

Continue this process over and over again, creating a legacy as God intends for our lives. It is my faith that we’d together, find that someone in need or has been “caught off guard” in life and usher in a personal blessing in Jesus name. May God continue to wonderfully bless and have favor over your journey my friends; Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy Holidays. – Reginald O’Neal Gibson