My life’s work is that of being a humble servant of God’s overall purposes for our lives. Simply put, I’m committed to do my part as it was anointed upon my spirit since birth. This desire is to help others, share wisdom and lead by example as the Holy Spirit directs me through this journey in life. With this said, my new book is an easy read, straight forward and conformational piece of literature. Here’s an excerpt from THE BOOK of WISDOM the age of mindfulness 2nd.chapter.

Know that one of my purposes, or “work” is to provide a “in time correlation” of how the wisdom of the bible still resonates in today’s society. So, regarding the meaning of the word “job,” it defines as compensation for employment of services rendered to a business, company or establishment for an agreed service.

Defining the word “work” goes as follows, the physical or mental calling of achievement through the effort and activity by way of purposeful result; for yourself or others.

In short, you clock in for financial bargaining, but afterwards you work to accomplish something vastly more meaningful to life. For instance you “workout” to stay in shape, you “work-through” issues that are in your way and you “work towards” building a meaningful relationship. Finding out what your life’s work is, will ultimately be revealed as you progress through the steps towards mental clarity.

Furthermore, discovering your embedded gifts, resources and connections to achieve what you’re destined to become, starts with mind-dumping the clutter impairing your thought processes. Keep in mind you can always seek out an honest mentor, enroll in a like minded class, find a good bible based church and even go on a spiritual pilgrimage.  Lastly, at the  minimum you owe it to yourself to diligently  research, research and research!          


THE CONSCIOUSNESS of MAN: A guide through the darkness Paperback – November 2, 2016