The Light within the Darkness


Lately I’ve been talking about “distractions” and how they can derail your created purposes in life; for a very specific reason! This goes from the purposely created fear of nuclear strike, taking a stand or knee in football, to all the media attention on racism. Bottom line is, something kinda of rare is taking place in the sky tomorrow (8-21-2017 Solar Eclispe) and it’s much larger than “all” our so-called fears, opinions and insecurities. Just remember to “pray in” peace and wisdom during this event. Don’t allow sensationalism to captivate your soul, especially when our true purposes are in righteousness. So, when most are gazing upward, I’ll be on my knees praying for this world to be delivered from the created shadows of fear and deceit. Not to forget for some of us, we’ll all temporarily be the same color in the darkness; with only the light in our hearts to guide us.

God bless.