My walk is a walk of purpose, tremendous in the diligence of will. This walk is of blessed suffering, filled with burdened, weighed heavily on truth in leadership by example. Someone has to bare the terrain of a path already traveled, bled upon and ultimately sacrificed for our salvation. Times have changed but the loneliness of being awakened in the midst of the darkest hour; remains steadfast. Someone must continue, someone trustworthy, someone selfless in the understanding that for no other reason but to push on relentlessly, just because it’s a simple must. That is, someone like myself. So steady is my breath as the arrows strike my back; I move on.

Clarity is my vision as I close my eyes to the wiles of deceit; I press on. Onward in the steps of christ as I confirm my purpose in diligence. This insatiable drive, this relentless push is but a fragment of my journey upon the righteous path. Frozen terrains of trapped water beneath my feet, desolate and cold from bridges burned. A past far from the hopes of quenching my thirst in closure; In this I can’t turn back. Scorched earth as the cracked surface reveals only dust, I will not return to; not just yet. Tedious to the body but enlightened to the eternal spirit, I carry on ignoring the laughter of the wicked basking in the lusts of the world.

As I pass through the illusion of time, I lay rest what was thought to be past, as it ignites the fuel to my destined salvation. Overcoming the debris of broken barriers crumbling beneath my feet, awakens the taste of sweet nectar to my senses. Bitter in the mouths of naysayers, yet curious in their attempt to follow, only to soon lose their way in the complacency of their chosen distractions. Even still my walk must continue, for it is my purpose and within this purpose I hold a secret.

Unknown to my surroundings, I desperately hold the blessed memories and prayers of love and kindness from my friends and family. Continuously flowing through my heart, there hope is a strength I’ve use to heal my weathered soul. One of many reasons why I can walk relentlessly onward; towards a destined purpose. The pain of whom thought to be enemies offensive to my physical being and soul is my nourishment as well; pressing me forward in forgiveness of their misguided ways. It is in this miracle of love that holds the mind together from the distractions of a weighted consciousness.

The struggle to hold onto the spirit within the heart and the enlightenment of the mind is a tedious battle, fought continuously within this realm of distractions. But this realm, this reality, and the accepted purpose of our creation, is the walk of life on this narrow path. Lonely in it’s purpose but traveled by many; in this we have stumbled upon the key to heaven. Know that while on this journey I see you, you are not alone and you are not forgotten.

I acknowledge your turmoil as well while on this righteous path. Even though our ideas, hopes and prayers are different, I see we’re both moving forward, relentlessly in the footsteps of christ. Within this I also see that neither of us are truly alone, even in the midst of darker times as our focus is fixed on the light of the world. Thank you for your presence, obviously I acknowledge that it’s not all about my purpose in strife but our struggles as the human race to ascend. So let’s continue this path together, one in christ, one in mind body and spirit. Standing side by side putting one foot in front of the other; one purposely blessed step at a time.

– Reginald