Thought of The Week


While on the battlefield of life, if a warrior passed down a sword to his child and the child one day passes down the sword through his family, grandchildren and so forth, does this ever change the battles within and around their lives? Or does it perpetuate a cycle of learned behaviors towards a traditional association to unresolved problems. What of the traditions of the presumed enemies, does their families of warriors share the same traditions of fear and war passed down by the acceptance of the sword? Often we get distracted from the truth in such a way we speak out boldly on ideologies we truly don’t understand. This is why I focus not on the many distractions within our society but rather the purpose God created my role to achieve. In other words finding the mindfulness to otherwise be a benefit to those who’d trust in my leadership; passing safely through the battles. Know that battles are battles to separate the weak from the war. Moreover, the ones who engage in the actual war may not be the warriors themselves. Maybe the battles were created to rid the sheep as the wolves claim the land. No different from a game of chess, where the king has authority over this land and the queen displays truth in power. In the acknowledgment of this analogy, the pawns and chosen subjects are prepped to willingly sacrifice their spoken purposes passed down traditionally as a way of life. All to fulfill the suggested battles whispered in the ear of a king; majestically cloaked in sheep’s wool. My question is, what piece or part do you play in life? What battles, distractions or opinionated traditions were handed down to you in the form of a sword? Know that until mindfulness is reached, the principalities of this world will effectively blind you from seeking the truth within your God given purpose. When this truth is awakened within the embedment of your spirit, you’ll be distracted no more. In this your leadership will prevail as you walk a new path, a path of fulfilled purpose and ultimately a path of peace and wisdom— readily available to pass down; replacing the sword.

Journey well my friends.