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The GAME of the FATES: The Hidden Chapter (Kindle Edition)


This ebook is based on a vision within a dream I had as a child, during a traumatic life or death event. The knowledge acquired gave me insight into other realms linked to the subconsciousness of man upon finding clarity. The visions embedded within me, yields the power to combat the demonic influences of this world; camouflaged as barriers and problematic situations. It taught me the law of attraction and how to visualize truth within the false perceptions accepted in our mainstream society. I’ve utilized the knowledge from these dreams and visions for over 40 years and it has placed me in a life of true abundance, health and wealth. Truth is confirmed all around us, continuously; my question to you is, “Are you seeking truth?”

                      Here’s a preview!

It is my faith that writing this part of my
experience will help people overcome the
unforeseen mental barriers and battles, if
ever they are challenged to the same
degree as I was in my trials; so here we
go, and God bless.

One night I dreamed my eyes were cloudy,

thick with dust and fog. I jumped up with a

savage pounding in my chest, desperately

trying to wipe at my face in an attempt to
clear my eyes, but my arms and hands
were covered with dirt, sweat, and shards
of glass. Even though I had never been to
or witnessed a place like this before,
something appeared oddly familiar. The
back of my neck felt exposed and
vulnerable, as an eerie chill seem to haunt
my every movement. No matter how hard
I tried, I couldn’t turn around to see
what was lurking behind me. My lungs felt
like burnt paper, dried and brittle, as if I
were inhaling the fiery debris floating
around in the thickness of the surroundings.
Soon that area behind my neck felt like it
was being ripped even further, exposing

my back to a hideous chill slowly seeping
into my body.

My entire backside felt like an exposed
nerve, cold and naked. As for the front of
me, I was parched and humid, void of any
moisture, even sweat. It was like standing
in a large furnace for quite some time,
confused and in absolute terror.

There was no sound in the distance, and
wherever I stepped, it felt like I could fall
through the crust at any moment. This
place appeared to be vast, but I really
couldn’t tell, being as my vision was
badly impaired by the thickness of the fog.
I couldn’t shake the feeling of
abandonment in my heart; it was almost as
though the Spirit’s knowledge were
purposely hiding. Simultaneously, other
senses seemed to go haywire, like I was
suffering the g-forces from a F-22 Raptor.
At times I felt extremely heavy, and other
times I felt like I was the victim of a
centrifugal force experiment gone wrong,

barely stomaching my lack of balance and

direction. Yet still I pressed on, walking

deeper into the darkness.
By now, I could feel the flesh of my feet
ripping away from the searing heat of the
ground, exposing the skeleton of my heels.

Soon after walking quite some distance, I
started to hear sounds, but it was the
clacking of my bones walking on the hard
surface, as now the flesh was completely
torn from the soles of my feet.
Nevertheless, I was compelled to continue
walking, fearing that what was behind me
was getting closer. Dizziness set in, as well
as heat exhaustion, but that was the least of
my worries, so forward I walked.

That is until I bumped into something
extremely frigid. My eyes still clouded, I
could barely make sense of what was right
in front of me, but that didn’t stop
my soul driven push.

Soon after, something vaguely appeared in
front of me. Needing desperately to find
something tangible so I could make sense
of things, I decided to stretch my arms
forward and lay my hands upon it, and it
materialized as a flat surface.
Instantaneously immense pain shot through
my hands and arms onto my chest;
immediately I yanked back. It was like
something snatched at me, clawing
downward into my chest as if desperately
searching for something hidden deep within
my flesh.

End Preview,

Thank you:)