Per the defining attributes, and steadfast tolerance of my life, through the trials and tribulations, successes and failures, I proclaim that I am a prudent man, wise by way of the experience gained along my personal path. What does this mean? It stands to reason, that I know nothing truly; about you. That is, other than the perceived reflective reasoning constructed throughout my own thought process, which is by safe regard mostly bias.  

Does this mean I am an authoritative figure over you, your experiences or knowledge gained? What of your opinions, perceptions and ideologies? Am I to assume I know you so well, that I can claim to be your confident, trusted source of information and or leader by way of example? No, because we are all different in ways of will, spirit and actions taken. In this, we share a different view of reality per the experiences of our lives. 

With this said, know that although “we are as one,” we progress through life on many different levels. The levels of our accomplishments and struggles helps define our innermost-being ways of actions taken. So, it goes to say that where you are in life right now, is only a temporary reflection of possible outcomes you can either maintain, flourish or deviate from. You by way of thought process, faith, physical accountability and actions taken can develop and manifests your hearts’ greatest desires, and even more so, live in the purpose of your blessed creation.  

Bottom line, do I know you? No. 

Do I love you, Yes! 

So, the question is how can a person love without knowing? A better question would be, how can a person know without loving? 

The answer is, to love someone or something doesn’t require that you “know” them. It only requires that you have a loving heart that’s faithful enough, and strong enough to see past the reflective moments in time.  

With this, one can solidify a foundation of love worth manifesting, cultivating and harvesting upon our journey in life. This is the mindset of leadership. This is the mindset of valor. And most of all, this is the mindset of a prudent heart who’s willing to admit he/she knows nothing at all, but the love of God embedded within the spirit. 

It is said that knowledge is power, is it? Think about it, by now this world with all the benefit of history written, knowledge shared and paid for within the hierarchy of our educational system, one would be inclined to think wisdom above all would rule the land of today, but it appears not. Again, this is just a moment in time reflective of our choices, voices and actions taken.   

Here’s what I believe. Knowledge is indeed powerful, so powerful that it once was forbidden to eat of its fruit, but that’s another story. 

Just know that if a heart is filled with love, a course correction so-to-speak can come to pass as a vibrant light within the darkness, but without love, knowledge would be tainted with corruption, a fallacy positioned behind status and paper, manipulated by the ill will of ignorance which by definition reflects the lack of knowledge thereof. 

We as the descendants of our ancestors need to be reminded to love, and embrace “as one” without the misinformation of judgement, bias disregard and hatred. Know that as a child we didn’t think to hate, we were taught hate. And although it’s in the Bible, we weren’t “taught” to love thy neighbors, we were shown not to trust our neighbors. Think about it and be completely honest, do you trust your neighbor or at any given moment in time, are you prepared to make a statement on the six o’clock news resembling the likes of “we’ve lived across the street from him for years, and we’re not that type of neighborhood!” 

Please understand that what you or I think we know, isn’t enough within our timeline of worldly misinformation but, if we can somehow induce what has already been embedded as love, by the creator that is love, we not only have a chance of knowing, but being a part of something of true power and everlasting value. 

If I know anything, I know that “I know nothing” at all (within this timeframe) and as such, wisdom is only the beginning but then again . . . what do I know. 

Think About it. 

Reginald O’Neal Gibson 


I’m currently focused on prayer, meditation and spiritual warfare for the continuation of our blessed will to come to pass. What I have to say regarding the current/created ignorance, which has gripped our nation will only be expressed fully, in my prayers. In other words, I will not concede, pacify or sugarcoat our blinded circumstances. Although the war has been won, the BATTLE for encompassing “just a slight bit” of heaven on earth is now under siege. Just know, remember and never forget the devil, on any level is and will always be a liar who’s only purpose is to steal, kill, destroy and manipulate the truth, as with our love and our created purposes in life. Please, do not be tricked into blame, hate or fear of your neighbor. Let not the unknown pull the embedment of peril placed in your thoughts. My concern, faith and heart-field are with you. Peace be still within the fallacy of dominion upon the earth.  

Think About it.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson

The Eye of the Storm

Ever notice how through the storm, the crisis, the hardships, the pain, the fear, the worry, the doubt, the breakup, the breakdown, the consequence, the suffering, the epidemic, the pandemic and or the doubt, the story ultimately remains the same? We’ve heard these testimonies or sayings before right?

“If it wasn’t for my past, I wouldn’t be the person I am today!”

“I’m not where I’m supposed to be, but thank God I’m not the person I used to be!

“When life gives you lemons . . .” 

Here’s my point. It is in the trial, the story and that reflection, where we realize once again that life somehow and always “finds a way.” Why? Because life is a universal law! And as such, we must never forget while the storm is upon us, the purpose of our creation remains the same. 

Till the ground today, for the harvest of tomorrow. No matter what the storm, if you have breath within your body — live, love, plan and prepare because, unless you expect to have lemons for the rest of your life, you’d best be prepared for the day when the sugarcane fields run dry.

Think About it.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson

This $h*#! is 🍌 BANANAS

Knock-knock . . .

Who’s there?  


Supply who?

I’ll be back.

Knock-knock . . .

Who’s there?


Demand who?

Umm . . . hold up, I’ll be right back!


Who’s there?


Well come on in, it’s open!

And that’s how simplistic it is to corrupt one’s judgement, perspective and or mental state. That is, by the relentless bombardment of deceit, embedded worry and fear-based tactics. As such, most houses without fail – will fall within the first few knocks of manifested insecurities. Whatever happened to “not by the hair of my Chinny-chin-chin?!” Have we forgotten the foundation upon which our ancestors stood, or has our foundation weakened by the erosion of our (seemingly) biased disregard for others, cultural prejudices and learned hate. Listen, It’s not too late. We can rebuild but first, at all cost we must ignore the systematic assaults knocking at our door.  

And before I forget, Orange you glad I didn’t say let’s “make America great again!” 

– End joke, or is it?

Think About It.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson

Where are all the Guru’s

Where are all the Guru’s, top motivational speakers, healers, and transformational leaders? Where are the masters of meditation and mindfulness, self-guidance to spiritual awakening and know-it-alls regarding the laws of attraction and mind-stuff? What about those entrepreneurs, businessmen, and businesswomen selling master courses, pay-per-how to effectively scale your business, strategize and prioritize your time and perspective value as to reach and solidify ultimate return on self and or business model?  

Seems to me that they’d have to have seen this pandemic coming a mile away and as such, not only prepared for it but would be one of the first to offer knowledge, wisdom, and advice without charge throughout. Clearly the wealthy and most enlightened amongst these visionaries, prophets, sages and the like or claim thereof are willing to utilize a time such as now to show evidence within they’re experienced knowledge and advanced spiritual awareness to demonstrate unequivocally proof of boasted worth. I’m just saying, where is the passion in tough times as opposed to the fire amidst the sale? Maybe it’s just me or are they all about the business, waiting to methodically reemerge and sell you on your NEXT best self and inspiration; after the fact. And yes I get it, their only human as well but the least these self-help guru’s can do is show transparency as a their model of validity.

I’m not saying become judgmental or even point the finger, but rather be aware and acknowledge the actions, lifestyles and whereabouts of those who claim value in leadership over the perspective needs of others. With that said and in the absence of – now would be a great time to turn back and seek the originator. That is, the almighty God of our creation whose never left your side.

Think About It.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson


Lies upon lies and fears upon induced fears fuel the flames of the unaware until ash becomes one’s mindset. In this, if you allow the well to run dry, dust holds no resilience over the forced winds of deceit. 

No one is without a living well in which to drink. As such, if the devil offers you a glass of water, don’t drink; least you plan on staying. Know that prudence has risen to quench one’s thirst but first, you must guard your mind against the influences of the wicked; Don’t drink!

Want more clarification? Here are three points to ponder:

Fear-based tactics are the art of war in its incubation period.

When you find yourself choosing sides, you’ve unintentionally walked off the cliff of your salvation.

Due to attrition, one may think they have an informed opinion, but what is thought within the absence of mind?

Think About It.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson


Every now and then people ask me “Reginald, why so serious?”

Well, here’s a glimpse.

Last night I walked upon the brilliance of clouds eternal and I found myself past the glorious gates of heaven. Gone was the pain, burdens, worries, and fears as they drifted farther and farther away from my soul. As far as the eye could see was perfection, my goodness such an amazing, powerful place. Home for eternity shouts my heart with praise and reverence for our God almighty!

Then Christ appeared! I fall upon weaken knees and cry aloud grasping at his garment, thank you Jesus! Thank you Lord! Oh how I’ve longed for this day, yes to my savior, thank you Jesus! Then Christ kneels and lifts me up, his touch was like nothing before, then he looks deeply into my eyes, starts to weep and whispers into my ear “our father who’s art in heaven says “within the blink of an eye, I’ll come again soon enough,” then he turns and walks away taking the clouds with him. Swiftly descending and flailing out of control I scream no lord don’t leave me, I’ve accomplished a great many deeds, tasks and accomplishments, I’ve reached over a million followers! Christ then answers with a smile, “for their sake I hope not, that was MY calling.” And that’s when I wake up!  

The moral is let not great deeds or accolades fool you into thinking your good enough! No one will ever have more followers than Christ, as such, heaven isn’t impressed by the social standards of man’s pride but by the repentance of one’s sins. 

Almost every night I have vivid dreams of biblical proportions, powerful visions and immense words of wisdom pressed and anointed upon my heart. This is why I’m diligent. This is why I’m driven and in this, is why my life’s work is so serious.

My question to you is . . .

Are you living your dreams?

What is your product?

What are you selling? 

Whether you’re a leader, a follower on the way to greatness or someone looking to free the worthiness already embedded within your spirit, know that if your leadership, product or purpose doesn’t align with God’s anointing over your life, the only book that truly matters, would be void of your name written within its pages. 

Yes, most of us want to have a little heaven on earth but remember, our time is limited, and heaven already has a prepared place for our eternity. So now, it’s a pretty good time to find worthy, become that leader by righteous example and yes, be a little more serious about your plan, your place and your overall purpose in life.

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson


We are THE DREAM by Reginald O’Neal Gibson at the Eichelberger Amphitheater first Annual Unity Walk

To be present, one must know their past. To be future, one must continue in wisdom. The dream was only the beginning.

Reginald O’Neal Gibson

Dr. King not only spoke into the depths of our souls, but he also impressed upon our minds by way of analogies. Images that sparked our imaginations and to some, their greatest fears. People tend to forget, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t about violence, nor was he about raising a people against their nation, but rather a man standing firm within his constitutional rights to choose peace and forgiveness in the face of iniquity. He spoke eloquently and passionately when he shared these words,  



And never forget that one day,


I stand before you today and profess, I as well share a common thread in the fabric of a manifested unity, bonded strong in righteousness! Having said this, I too have seen the promised land by way of birth through God’s greatest creation, and within this land, I submit unto you, I AM THE DREAM!

Please understand, this comes with great responsibility. The responsibility to not only accept that I am the dream but to acknowledge and affirm that YOU are the dream as well! So it should go without saying, that if I am the dream, and you are the dream, then together we embody the dream and dwell within the promised land together! Why? Because we live in a time such as now! 

Only there’s one remaining issue. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t just speaking about blacks and whites coming together as one. He understood the human condition to withdraw upon the insecurities of a manifested sickness, already saturated within the hearts of the wicked. Which is why he often spoke in analogies. Please understand, If I am the dream, and you are the dream, then the next step in human evolution is to come together and take action! In other words . . . we must wake up, the alarm of our created purpose is going off!  

In today’s societal norm, it’s as if we’ve lost our way, forgotten the core truth within our history and as such, wondering aimlessly again in a wilderness, but this time it’s created by our own idealistic insecurities. I submit unto you, that the tyranny we now face isn’t so much about the color of our skin, albeit it’s still a remaining factor, but now there’s another threat conquering the horizon. That is, the content of our children’s characters are now under relentless attack! Moreover, it doesn’t appear as if we’re creating more Dr. Martin Luther Kings or the like thereof, apparently that’s to much power for a good man or great woman to have, especially if the negative powers that be aren’t using them as puppets to sell a product. 

Our children are growing up to idolize reality television shows, millionaire sports figures coming right out of high school, and the glitz and glam of any soundtrack proclaiming to be that of a musical artist!  Lost is the interpersonal communication skills needed to uphold unity and bond, found is the manifested lust of becoming what is NOT, nor truth, value or purpose by way of an unguarded mind.

This imagery doesn’t remotely appear, to be the promised land that I’ve prepared to die for. Please understand, If I’m the dream, and you are the dream, we together embody the dream! And as such, we must wake up, take action over our lives and our children’s lives, and lay waste to our new opinionated and old discriminatory ways, and unify as one. It is in this, we can build a bridge from the dreamland to that of a great manifesting reality in unity!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret I’ve held for many years. As a teen, I didn’t particularly care for Dr. Martin Luther King Day, allow me to tell you why. First of all, I was born about six months after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s ultimate sacrifice for the equality of mankind. In school, we covered his story briefly among the studies, which lasted less than a few days. So I didn’t truly understand what he stood for, let alone died for. All I knew was if a good man spoke up, chances were he’d get a bullet in return. Same for Malcolm X, JFK, and various other great leaders. So when Dr. Kings Day came around, I’d already had pre-existing fears of purpose driven men being assassinated, but that’s not the only reason I shunned this day. 

Turns out my biggest issue wasn’t the fear or anxiety,  it was the lack of representation in the face of hypocrisy. Obviously a statement resulting per the environment that tore at my soul as a young adult desperately in need of a mentor or competent leader!

I’d see black people on Dr. Kings Day throwing their hands up yelling “Black people did this, and black people did that” but the ones that we’re speaking and shouting as a representation of my culture were blatantly hypocritical or corrupt in some kind of way but then again,  that was the product of my environment. In other words, if I didn’t have a positive mentor, how could I believe in leaders, let alone become one myself. This is why I thank Dr. King for his sacrifice, his spiritual analogies and his stance in the face of inequality, solidified as his life’s work. As a result by way of spirit, early in my childhood, I set out with a personal journey of my own which is to be the unblemished leader I was called to be. Again, I absolutely love what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for and as such, I too came to the realization that through the trials and tribulations of my own story, that in me was the promised land Dr. King dreamt about. 

So now, with an encouraged heart and enlighten soul, I take up my cross to bear and I say unto you, that if I am the dream, and you are the dream, we embody the dream! Therefore it’s of utmost importance for us to wake up and build this bridge of unity together! Not for idealistic purposes of self, but for the sake of our children, our history, and a unified future!

Lastly, allow me to reiterate. I absolutely love celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Day but please know, it takes more than remembering the past, we must also prepare for our future, because an even greater threat to all mankind is on the horizon.

– Reginald O’Neal Gibson

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Day!


Why are we so emotionally affected by other people’s opinions, sensationalism and worldly norms? Simply put, mind conditioning. For instance, we’re told what to buy, what to invest in, what to eat, how to look, what’s new and trending, what success is or isn’t, what’s important and of course whose important!

With times changing swiftly, we often get confused as to who we are, why we are, and our overall purpose in life. Mind blowing to say the least! Only here’s the issue, the results are of confusion, discord and comparison. Which ultimately leads to personal indifference, thus suitable ground for mental conditioning! When a person reaches the point where they’re mentally exhausted, hidden in fear and or judgement, that they coward behind a mask of denial, they’ve unknowingly submitted themselves to mind conditioning.

In this, the fall back results in the relying on a others to lift them up, hence “others opinions, sensationalisms or worldly norms.” Only issue is, people are hurting! You’ve been hurt, I’ve been hurt, they’ve been hurt, but often we don’t speak of it accordingly. We simply ignore from within as we were taught and think ourselves it’ll just fade away. Moreover, relying solely on surface level imaging, why? Mind conditioning. People fear what they can’t see but often bury unresolved issues so deep, it haunts them to seemingly no end. This is why it’s said “our greatest enemies are – ourselves” but that’s a lie, you are not the enemy. Our greatest enemy is the wickedness of a sinful nature, nourished under the guise of worldly norms and manipulation , but it doesn’t end there for we have repentance!

At any given moment in our lives we can at our weakest hour, resist the temptation, the conditioning and yes; the fear. The devil is in the details of our minds, the details of hidden guilt, worry and hate, but before any of this was applied as worldly conditioning, we were created in God’s image, favor and mercy. You are not lost in mind, body or spirit!

So let not the conditioning of your mind be the resting place for others “opinions, sensationalism or worldly norms.” Remember who’s image you were created in! Remember that life was spoken into you! And trust, before any forms of darkness or conditionings were ever burdened upon your mind, eternal words were spoken. As such, and never to be forgotten, for deep within the creation of our spirit, God whispered; “stay – with – me.”

Reginald O’neal Gibson


Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com

Balancing “ACT” indeed. Life should not be a staged play for the abused or the pacification of others. Don’t allow the dangling of a “golden carrot” to mislead or corrupt your destined path. In this, the blind would be a reflection of a failed society, not living up to their blessed potential. True balance is within IQ+EQ+SQ which results in the sum total of one’s 3Q. Innergize your life Mind. Body & Spirit! 

Golden carrot? Can you remember the picture of the farmer dangling a carrot in front of the horse to pull the wagon? The horse works seemingly all day chasing the reward of the carrot, only to be controlled by another’s personal gain or intent. Question, are you following your dreams or someone else’s carrot? Are you following money, power and respect but deviating from your path of true life fulfillment? Balance your mind and you’ll find that your greatness is worth more than all the gold in the land. INNERGIZE!

Reginald Gibson